Rodrigo Santoro in Talks to Reprise Role as Xerxes in <i>300</i> Follow-up

As one Frank Miller sequel gets closer to filming, so does another. This week, Robert Rodriguez said he intends to start shooting Sin City 2 this summer, but it also appears as if Warner Bros.' 300 follow-up is making some progress.

Collider reports that Rodrigo Santoro, who played the Persian god-king Xerxes in the 2007 blockbuster, is in talks to reprise his role in the Noam Murro-directed film, previously referred to as Xerxes and 300: Battle of Artemisia. The actor said he read an earlier version of the script that dealt a bit with his character's history as a boy, but admits the details could've changed since then.

"The movie is set at the same time [as the original]," Santoro said. "The idea is to show another point of view. While that battle from the first 300 is taking place, there were others going on, … Actually, it’s all of this and then there is an intersection point with the first movie. It goes back and then goes beyond that. That was the initial concept."

If he does return, Santoro will join Joel Edgerton (Warrior), Eva Green (Casino Royale), Sullivan Stapleton (Strike Back) and Jamie Blackley (Snow White and the Huntsman). The story is partially based on Miller's upcoming Xerxes miniseries, but also incorporates original material.

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