Sorry, Rocksteady's Next Game Isn't About Superman

Superman Rocksteady game

According to Rocksteady Studios game director and co-founder Sefton Hill, the acclaimed video game developer's next title is not a long-rumored Superman game.

Hill provided a brief update through his Twitter account confirming that the studio would not have a major presence or announcement at next week's The Game Awards in Los Angeles as they are hard at work on their next secret project. Without revealing what exactly their next title was, Hill then clarified that it was not a Superman video game.

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Rumors of Rocksteady working on a Superman game have been around since last year as the developer's followup to their popular Batman: Arkham trilogy, which concluded with 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight.

A new round of rumors arose earlier this week after an alleged job posting with the studio surfaced online looking for developers for a next-gen title rumored to be an open-world Superman game titled Superman: The World's Finest.

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With Hill's latest update, it appears the leaked job listing is indeed fake, debunking rumors of a new solo Superman game from the studio yet again. However, the rumors that Rocksteady may be working a Justice League title instead remains a distinct possibility.

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