Rocketship Hosts Fantaagraphics Multimedia Party

Official Press Release

This Friday Night, Jan 12th, at 8 in the evening, cartoonists Ellen Forney and Megan Kelso celebrate the publication of their provocative comics anthologies I Love Led Zeppelin and The Squirrel Mother (Fantagraphics Books) with an evening of irresistible, innovative performances.

Forney performs as narrator with animated video adaptations of selected comics, including "The Final Soundtrack," a death fantasy involving blood, glamour, and Led Zeppelin, "How to Be a Fabulous Fag Hag," based on an interview with Margaret Cho, and "My Date with Camille Paglia."

Kelso will discuss her new book, the acclaimed Squirrel Mother, showing panels from the book that were inspired by her own life.

Following will be a reception and book signing, and the premiere of a gallery show featuring original work by both artists.

See you friday!

As always, the blog has details about this and other upcoming events at www.rocketshipstore.blogspot.com

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