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The original concept of the Nova Corps was to be the perfect construct of space military business as well as explorers. Of course, through the years and through destructions and mad people like Thanos, that has changed. But at the start, that's what it was. The corps had hundreds of soldiers that were divided according to ranks, and each one also had specific warriors that were the best of the best.

Once they restored Xandar, they expanded their range of military and extended it as far as Earth. Then, the entire Andromeda Galaxy. Queen Adora, who is the Prime Commandant, is the one who ultimately controls the entirety of the Nova Corps. She has complete control, and every final decision has to go through her.

We know a lot about the Nova Corps partially because of Nova the superhero, and also for their continuous role not only in the comics but in the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy. However, there is plenty of people don't know about them, which brings us to this list.

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There are quite a few ranks when it comes to the Nova Corps, even though people tend to think of them as one large group. Which is pretty fair, as even in Guardians of the Galaxy that's how they seem to be.

They have the Nova Prime, which consists of the Irani Rael. Then after that The Centurions, with the Female Centurion. The Denarians which consists of Garthan Saal and Rhomann Dey. And finally, the Corpsmen, in which Rhomann Dey was previously a part of, and the Nova Prime's Assistant.


Being in space, one can automatically assume that you have the technology and means to survive there. In the Marvel universe, there are an infinite number of galaxies, and the Nova Corps are just part of one of the many galaxies.

They do, however, have some of the best technology. You definitely get a sense of that in the comics. The Nova Corps helmets actually came with special powers! They gave the members the ability to project energy and to fly.


Xandar is where Xandarians are from, obviously, but it is also the capital of the Nova Empire. Unfortunately, it ended up being taken and destroyed by our most hated villain Thanos, when he was looking for the power stone.

The planet was once located in the Andromeda Galaxy and was surrounded by three suns which it orbited around. In fact, it is those three suns that inspired the Nova Corp. They fashioned their chest plates with three lights, and those are made to represent the suns of Xandar.


The Nova Corps was involved with a very intense war with the Kree Empire, and this war went on for at least a thousand years. When the peace agreement was reached, it actually wasn't very peaceful at all.

Rioting broke out, and because of that, Ronan the Accuser (who was a Kree) got into cahoots with Thanos and decided to help him destroy Xandar. There were those who condemned Ronan's actions, but the Kree Ambassador did not make any moves to prosecute the future villain.


Considering they're basically a military unit, you can imagine that they would be strict about their members following the rules. Probably the biggest moment when they displayed that was in a moment that had to do with their uniform!

When Nova (Richard Rider) altered his uniform, the Corps insisted that he change it back, as they promote a very strict dress code. They want all of their members to look and feel the same when they're around fighting criminals and bad guys.


While the Nova Corps are meant to uphold the law in the best way that they can, like every mass organization, there are those who are corrupt. Kyln is the prison where they hold criminals, and it is there, according to Rocket Raccoon, that Nova Corps can be corrupt.

He mentions, in their capture in Guardians of the Galaxy that at Kyln, the members are corrupt and cruel and do not stand by the same code that other members do.


Their helmets are seriously, very useful. As well as what we already mentioned above, their helmets also allow the Centurions to make radio transmissions! You can imagine how handy that would be when they're in space in the middle of a battle.

It can also sense changes in pressure in the atmosphere, and when that happens, adjust the oxygen supply in the uniform. Finally, it also allowed the members to have access to the Nova Prime spaceship and allowed them to penetrate the cloaking shield.


Where does their power come from? The Corps get their power from a force called the Nova Force. This is a force that is basically limitless in the energy it generates. It is generated by a computer called Xandarian Worldmind.

The energy that the computer generates is transmitted to the members of the Nova Corps. However, depending on their ranking, each member gets a different amount of energy. Not just that, but the Worldmind also has the entirety of Xandarian history in it. 


Though they aren't the Nova Corps, they were inspired by it, and so worthy of this list. Jessie Alexander served as a double agent for the Nova Corps to infiltrate the Supernovas, also known as the Black Novas (named for their helmets, which give off the same energy as the Nova Force).

They were, naturally, independent from the Nova Corps and were their opposites in every way. They were killers for the most part, and their only goal was to kill other Nova Corp members.


The Nova Corps often work alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy for obvious reasons. Besides the MCU, they have also appeared on television with the Guardians. They appeared in the episode of "Origins", and in this version, they were not a police group.

They were actually a secret elite group of soldiers who were the protectors and potential destroyers of Adam Warlock. In the series, they are no longer active, but eventually, in the show, Sam Alexander becomes the first new Nova Centurion.

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