Disney Junior's Rocketeer Series Blasts Off in New Sneak Peek


At Comic-Con International in San Diego, Disney released a first look at an adorable new superhero that will appear on Disney Junior in her very own animated series, The Rocketeer.

A short minute-long clip introduces Kit, a young girl who dons a rocket-powered jetpack and becomes the titular Rocketeer. The clip shows that moment in which she and bulldog, Butch, blast off on a new adventure.

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The series was announced earlier this year, and the announcement explained that upcoming series will see Kit receive her exciting new gear on her birthday, when she discovers that she's next in line to become the legendary superhero, the Rocketeer. Along with her gadget-minded friend, Tesh, and her Uncle, Ambrose, Kit will embark on a series of epic adventures and protect the citizens of Hughsville.

The series draws inspiration from Dave Stevens' comic book series of the same name, which, unlike the Disney Junior series, was aimed at mature audiences. Kit's father in the series, Dave Secord, was named after Stevens.

The Rocketeer will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior this fall. The series features the vocal talents of Kitana Turnbull as Kit, Kathy Najimy as her mother, Sareena Secord; and Billy Campbell -- who starred as Cliff Secord in The Rocketeer film -- as Dave Secord, Kit's father. The show will also be available on the DisneyNOW app.

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