Rocketed from Planet Lar: Larry Young to do Superhero comic

Planet of the Capes

Comic Book Resource's original Loose Cannon, Larry Young, loves him some comics.

The writer-publisher's independent comic company, AIT/Planet Lar has written everything from astronaut stories to the tale of an invisible starlet. What he hasn't written, though, has been comics' biggest seller, superheroes. Until now.

Young announced that he and "Star Wars" artist Brandon McKinney are collaborating on "Planet of the Capes," a 72 page graphic novel to be published by AIT/Planet Lar in the spring of 2002.

"I was on the phone with X-Men and Superman writer Joe Casey, who was trying, in his good-natured way, to convince me to try my hand at a superhero book," Young said in his announcement. "About the time I finished saying, 'Joe, man, I don't have anything to say about superheroes,' the whole idea for 'Planet of the Capes' just whooshed into my head."

As with another comic book iconoclast -- Scott McCloud's "Destroy!" one shot comes to mind -- Young's superhero commentary will be heavy on the fisticuffs.

"You can look at 'Planet of the Capes,' on one level, as a sixty-six page fight scene, sure," McKinney said in the press release, "But on another level, it's Larry and I commenting on the comic book industry in general. Each one of the main characters represents one of the familiar superhero archetypes, but they also represent certain factions of the comic book industry, too. It's a layered thing. No matter how you hold it up to the light, it's an enjoyable book."

Among the archetypes featured will be "a strange visitor from another planet, a dark and brooding super-patriot, a rampaging monster of destruction, and an interdimensional princess."

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