"Rocket Raccoon and Groot" Return with New Marvel Series From Young & Andrade

After headlining their own respective books, fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy duo Rocket Raccoon and Groot are back together -- in a new Marvel Comics series appropriately titled "Rocket Raccoon and Groot." Announced Thursday on Marvel.com, the series is set to debut in December and will be helmed by writer Skottie Young and artist Filipe Andrade.

Of course, Young is coming off an 11-issue stint as the writer and frequent artist of a "Rocket Raccoon" solo series. Andrade drew two issues (#7 and #8) of that book. For "Rocket Raccoon and Groot," Young told Marvel.com he's planning to focus on shorter story arcs.

"The first time around, I started ['Rocket Raccoon'] out with a four-issue story arc; I enjoyed doing that but also felt antsy to tell more stories," Young said. "So after I finished the original story arc, I started writing more one and two-shots. I loved diving into new tales with each issue and really letting Rocket have some fun out in the galaxy. This time around, I'll be sticking with that formula the whole time -- really just leaning into the shorter stories."

Young said he's not ruling out contributing to the interior art of this series, but acknowledge he's currently got a full slate. "I have a lot on my plate right now, one of those things being a newborn baby boy, so I'm trying to keep a balance. Right now I'm just going to be focus on trying to live up to Filipe and make sure he's happy working on this book with me."

The first arc is described by editor Jake Thomas a riff on "Memento" and "Prison Break," with Rocket Raccoon in place at the head of a crime empire -- but no memory as to how that came to be, and symbols carved onto Groot serving as his clues. "Rocket Raccoon and Groot" is scheduled to debut from Marvel in December.

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