Rocket Comics launch on FCBD with signings in Quebec, New York, Boston and Brisbane

Official Press Release

Rocket Comics, Dark Horse Comics' new high-octane, action-adventure line, blazes into comics stores this Saturday, May 3. Participating comics stores will offer Rocket Comics: Ignite!, a free 28 page comic featuring all-new, stand-alone stories from the Rocket line. The three stories in the book include Syn (Terminator meets Pinocchio) by Keith Giffen, Greg Titus and Julian Washington, Lone (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly meets Mad Max) by Stuart Moore and Jerome Opena, and Go Boy 7(Thunderbirds meets XXX) by Tom Peyer, Jon Sommariva, and Pierre-Andre Dery. All three titles will launch new ongoing series later this summer.

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, the writers and artists behind Rocket Comics are heading to comics stores across three countries and two continents to sign the book. Tom Peyer, Stuart Moore, Greg Titus, Pierre-Andre Dery, and Jon Sommariva will all be out to introduce comics fans to this summer's raddest new series.

Here are the details:

Pierre-Andre Dery will be signing at:

L'imaginaire (9:00 a.m.)

Place Laurier (3rd Floor)

Ste-Foy, Quebec

Phone: 418-652-0545


Librairie Premiere Issue (1:00 p.m.)

27-A, D'Auteuil

Quebec, Quebec

Phone: 418-692-1175

Stuart Moore will be signing at:

Jim Hanley's Universe (4:00 p.m.)

4 W. 33rd Street

New York City

Phone: 212-268-7088

Tom Peyer will be signing at:

The Comix Zone (11:00 a.m.)

615-A S. Main Street

N. Syracuse, NY

Phone: 315-452-1037

Jon Sommariva will be signing at:

79-81 Elizabeth Street

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Phone: (07) 3229 4446

Greg Titus will be signing at:

464 Commonwealth Avenue #13

Boston, MA

Phone: 617-266-4266

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