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Roche Limit TPB Vol. #1 (Preview)

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Roche Limit TPB Vol. #1

he Roche Limit Colony lies at the cusp of an energy anomaly in the Andromeda Galaxy, and on top of a cache of an alien mineral deposit used to make the drug “Recall.” It has become a magnet for greed, crime, a place where people disappear – both because they want to or someone else wants them to. In ROCHE LIMIT, VOLUME 1, the March graphic novel by Michael Moreci (HOAX HUNTERS, HACK/SLASH:SON OF SAMHAIN) and Vic Malhotra (The X-Files: Year Zero, Thumbprint), Sonya Torin wants to find one of those who have disappeared, her sister Bekkah, who came to Roche Limit to help Recall addicts.

Sonya’s only help on the corrupt, lawless colony in finding her sister is Alex Ford, a shifty drug manufacturer with his own set of pursers who are after his Recall formula. As the search for Bekkah leads Sonya deeper into Roche Limit’s underbelly, they move ever closer to a burgeoning spiritual movement with the energy anomaly at its center.