Syfy Orders Pilot Script for Roche Limit Series

Syfy has ordered a pilot script for the Image Comics series Roche Limit from writer Michael Moreci and the art team of Steve Seeley, Vic Malhotra and Kyle Charles.

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The adaptation is being described as “a scifi noir series about a human colony founded on a planet that borders a strange space anomaly.” However, society here, founded by eccentric billionaire Langford Skaargred, quickly descends into “a melting pot of greed, cynicism, and lawlessness," which, as the comic's fans would know, leads to a slew of nefarious activities, including murder in the fringes of space.

Writer Will Pascoe (Orphan Black, Shut Eye) is being tapped as the prospective showrunner, with Heavy Metal and Fremantle Media (which first optioned the project) poised to co-produce. “It’s about a group of people marooned on an alien world who are fighting to keep their humanity in a place where everyone and everything is trying to take it away,” Pascoe said to io9. “It’s just great storytelling and great television.”

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Moreci himself added, “What’s really cool about Roche Limit -- in addition to its rich world and characters -- is that in the age of serialized, mysterious genre storytelling, it totally fits in, right alongside The Expanse or even something like Stranger Things. Plus, it has the sophisticated level of inquiry into the human condition -- a must for sci-fi -- which I think viewers will love.”

No casting or premiere information is available for the prospective Roche Limit series at this point.

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