Robots Try to Steal Batmobile in This Fun Stop-Motion Short

One way to guarantee the Batmobile doesn't lose a wheel (preventing the Joker from getting away), is to ensure the classic car has a super security system. A giant dinosaur (and penny) protects the Batcave while the Dynamic Duo is chasing crime, but what protects Batman and Robin's ride while they're getting groceries or fighting foes? A robust robot, of course. At least that's the premise in the newest stop-motion video released by the fine folks at Counter656.

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When a horde of Zaku robots realize a seemingly abandoned automobile would make a sweet whip to scoot around town, they decide to steal first and ask question later. Unfortunately, they forgot two things: Robots aren't stealthy, and bigger bots always await around the corner. How will the animated androids fare against the caped crusader's Aelos alarm? You don't have to wait till next week to find out as you can watch what happens right now.

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Counter656 have been making stop-motion videos using toys found in their shop for almost seven years. Their latest, the battle for the Batmobile, took more than one month to film, and included over 2,500 individual shots. Based in Japan, they use a wide variety of toys to make videos featuring superheros, robots and even LEGO. Although Frank Miller has said Batman would be better without a toy line, the team at Counter656 has found that hard work and imagination can make tremendous use of all the wonderful toys out there.

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