Robots rules in new Image series 'NYC Mech'

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 27 January, 2004 -- Don't let the clanking steel fool you: This is New York City, top to bottom, from a basement in the last Brooklyn ghetto to the clouds above a penthouse suite on Park Avenue. The only difference is that this version of the Big Apple is populated exclusively by robots, and it's the ups and downs of their lives that fire the imaginations of series creators Miles Gunter (BASTARD SAMURAI), Ivan Brandon (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) and Andy MacDonald (Kid Gilgamesh) to make NYC MECH an early favorite for the most visionary new title of 2004.

Debuting this April, NYC MECH is that rarest of thing in today's market: A truly unique concept built from the ground up to be different from every other title on the increasingly crowded racks. Unlike some groundbreaking projects that prove just too "out there," NYC MECH's creators have crafted this series to be one of the most easily accessible new books available.

Set in a world very much like our own, the key difference in NYC MECH is that robots are the ruling species. But this isn't a post-apocalyptic future in which humankind has fallen under the heel of a mechanized revolt: Robots are simply the dominant life form here. In essence, they're us. With that being the case, NYC MECH is the story of New York, seen at first through the eyes of a girl trying to get ahead by any means possible. It deals with the evolution of crime for her on a personal level, not for evil but for a personal vision of success.

"NYC MECH is a series for fans of just about everything," says co-writer Ivan Brandon. "It's realism in the face of the New York day-to-day, through the eyes of robots dealing with the same problems we all have. It's about love and money and politics and crime and fast food. It's about metal hands that work, play and fight and big consequences when you least expect them."

The inspiration for NYC MECH is rooted firmly in reality, with Brandon, Gunter and MacDonald sifting through everyday life to come up with extraordinary tales that define the lives of the people in this alternate version of the Big Apple. Each individual story focuses on a different character or aspect of life in the city, but as the series progresses, various elements of the stories will begin to intertwine to give readers a sense of the series' broader scope.

And even though it deals with themes that may, at first blush, seem fairly common, Brandon is quick to note that NYC MECH will not be a "typical" comic. He and his co-conspirators are shooting for nothing less than the first bonafide 21st Century comic.

"This book is intended to destroy all preconceptions of what a comic is and give readers something as big as they're used to, but brand new and different," he explains. "Think of your old comics as Betamax and NYC MECH as full digital surround."

NYC MECH #1 (featuring a cover by 100 Bullets' Dave Johnson) is available for order now in the February issue of Previews and will go on sale April 14.

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