Robots Rule this August at Oni with 'Jason & the Argobots'

Official Press Release

[Jason and the Argobots Cover #1]Oni Press is pleased to announce JASON & THE ARGOBOTS, a four-issue, monthly miniseries from Eisner-nominated writer J. Torres (SIDEKICKS, COPYBOOK TALES) and fan favorite artist Mike Norton (THE WAITING PLACE). This all-new tale of robot-powered excitement follows a young boy who stumbles across a mysterious robotic giant buried near his desert home.

"The wave of nostalgia that's washing over the comics industry is fine for some people," series editor James Lucas Jones said. "But Oni has always been about blazing new trails. With ARGOBOTS, J. and Mike are taking the giant robots, strange new technology, and sinister villains that fascinated us as kids and making it their own."

Set in the desert oasis of Shimmer City, ARGOBOTS is a world filled with hoverboards, holographic schoolteachers, and mutant criminals eager to wreak mayhem on a city already plagued with devastating earthquakes. Living outside the city on his grandpa's robot ranch, Jason and his little sister Jomi [Jason and the Argobots]dream of a life of adventure while gramps tinkers away on his newest invention. But when Jason's fantasies become a reality will he have what it takes to save the city and his family from the threat of superpowered bad guys?

"Luckily, Jason's not alone," explained series writer J.Torres. "He's got a giant robot that should help even the odds. And lucky for you, I'm not alone either. I've got Mike Norton and he's about as cool as a giant robot. People who've only seen his stuff on THE WAITING PLACE are in for a big kick in the pants. With ARGOBOTS, Mike is showing exactly what kind of versatile artist he really is."

"J. and Mike are crafting a story of mythic proportions," Jones concluded. "JASON & THE ARGOBOTS is mechanized mayhem for the 21st century."

JASON & THE ARGOBOTS #1 (of 4) will feature 24 pages of black-and-white story and art, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $2.95, it will ship to comic book stores on August 7, 2002.

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