Doom Patrol Set Photo Reveals First Full Look at Robotman

New photos from the set of DC Universe's Doom Patrol provide the first full, unobstructed look at the character Cliff Steele/Robotman, who will be physically played by actor Riley Shanahan, while Brendan Fraser will provide the character's voice.

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Previous Doom Patrol set photos have only shown Shanahan in an unmasked version of the Robotman suit, alongside one image of him in full costume with the mask obscured by a car window. These new photos, however, feature the whole Robotman costume front and center. According to Just Jared, the photos were taken this past August during filming in Atlanta, Ga.

Follow this link to see the full Robotman costume in action

Additionally, DC Universe's version of Robotman is seemingly taking its cues from the most recent comic book incarnation of the character, with the punk rock-inspired costume featured in these set photos looking just about identical to the character's appearance in Gerard Way's Doom Patrol series from DC Comics' Young Animal imprint.

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Cliff Steele's backstory involves him being a former race car driver whose body is rendered uninhabitable following a nasty accident, which prompts Dr. Caulder to build him a new robotic body to call his own. And while it will be Shanahan wearing the Robotman suit, Fraser is expected to appear in flashback sequences as Cliff prior to the accident that changed his life forever.

Produced by Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Doom Patrol is expected to debut next year on DC Universe.

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