"Robotika" Wins Bronze Medal for Best Graphic Novel of 2006

Official Press Release

Fort Lee, NJ -- Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is proud to announce that Alex Sheikman's ROBOTIKA has won the Bronze Medal in the Graphic Novel category of ForeWord Magazine's annual Book of the Year Awards. This marks the fourth straight year an ASP title has been so honored by ForeWord who announced the award winners at this past weekend's Book Expo America.

"Here I am, hard at work on ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE, and I hear about the Bronze," said ROBOTIKA creator Alex Sheikman. "I'm humbled and honored to be recognized by all of the judges at ForeWord and I'm thankful I have such great fans helping me along. Now I have to get back to work…I have a lot of expectations to live up to!"

ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards were established to bring increased attention from librarians and booksellers to the literary achievements of independent publishers and their authors. Winners were selected by a unique process, involving dozens of ForeWord readers---librarians and booksellers who are immersed daily in the selection and recommendation of books. Each entry was judged on criteria including originality, writing and production quality, and patron/customer interest in the subject matter.

To see an excerpt from ROBOTIKA, go to http://www.aspcomics.com/robotika_preview.html

ROBOTIKA (ISBN: 1-932386-21-1, $19.95, 128-page full color graphic novel, hardcover), called "Thrilling. Stylish. Bold." by Variety.com, is the world's first science-fiction-steampunk-sushi-samurai western, a world controlled by corrupt corporations and populated by silent samurai, fast-talking geisha, deadly mecha-betsushikime, digital djihits, and morphing butterflies. Niko, a member of the elite bodyguard corps dedicated to protecting the Queen, is sent on a mission to recover a stolen invention that in the wrong hands could trigger a bloody civil war. Niko's quest is complicated by the ever-present violence and chaos that exists on the fringes of this "civilized" society...a society, that couldn't care less about his mission. Niko is not alone; Cherokee Geisha and Bronski join him on his quest. Together with Niko they form "The Three Yojimbos" and are the only people who stand in the way of a cataclysmic civil war.

ROBOTIKA is recommended for Young Adults and up.

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