Robotika #3 - What is mightier than no sword?

Alex Sheikman's Robotika story continues well with issue #3, which has a solid new story idea to pick up where the characters were left after the seemingly conclusionary tale of #2.

Right off the bat, what draws the reader to Robotika is Alek Sheikman's artwork.

Sheikman has such a smooth style that makes the mixture of this futuristic world of cyborgs seem so natural. One of the toughest tasks for future worlds is making the world seem coherent, and I think Sheikman does an excellent job of this.

Also, he has quite the eye for the dramatic, like this scene early in the book...

Pretty sweet, eh?

In addition, since the star of Robotika is the mute warrior Niko, it is important that you have interesting characters other than Niko to pick up the slack in the banter department. Luckily, Sheikman answers the call with Cherokee Geisha and Bronski, too mercenaries who end up hiring Niko to help them escort some pilgrims on a dangerous pilgrimage. The only thing they didn't expect was that Niko (after the events of the first two issues) has given up the sword!

Here's a nice two-page exchange with Cherokee Geisha and Bronski reacting to Niko's news....

Once again, as you can see from the two pages - my complaint continues about Cherokee Geisha's manner of speaking. I know it is intentionally irritating, and I appeciate the heck out of Sheikman's willingness to make her dialogue broader at least, to make it slightly easier to read - but man, it is still annoying. But hey, it's part of the book, so I'll pull a Facts of Life and take the good AND take the bad.

Still, the journey is interesting and seeing Niko deal without his sword? Priceless.

This book continues to be a delight. Well worth checking out.

Thanks again to Archaia Studios Press for the review copy.

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