Robotech Remix: 'Radical Reimagining' of the Anime Classic Lands This Fall

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New York Times best-selling writer Brenden Fletcher will be penning a new Robotech comic series, titled Robotech Remix. Described as a "radical reimagining of the sci-fi mecha anima classic" Fletcher will focus his story in the wake of the Invid Onslaught, and chart the journey of how the SDF-1 rises from the ashes.

The news was revealed during Comic-Con International in San Diego, during Harmony Golds Robotech panel.

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Fletcher is joined by artist Elmer Damaso, who has worked on Robotech/Voltron and the Marvel Mangaverse, in bringing this new series to life. The series promises to take beloved characters and iconic mecha to places fans have never seen before, following the results of Event Horizon.

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Robotech first aired in the USA in 1985. For many, it marked their very first experience with anime.

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The original 85-episode show, produced by Harmony Gold USA, revolved around humanity's struggle against a wave of alien invasions. Armed with Veritech fighters, humanity would combat threats from numerous alien species, from Zentraedi to the Invid, as they battled for control of advanced alien technology that had crash-landed on earth.

Titan Comics will be publishing the series, beginning with Robotech Remix #1, which is released on October 9, 2019. It will be available for pre-order from August Previews.

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