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Robot Roulette | Tim Seeley

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Robot Roulette | Tim Seeley

Welcome once again to Robot Roulette, our interview feature where we throw random questions at comic creators and see how they respond. We’ve come up with 36 possible questions, and each week I will randomly select which of those questions our guest has to answer.

Today Tim Seeley, who you can find on Twitter and DeviantArt, takes my random questions and turns them into gold. Seeley is sometimes an artist, sometimes a writer, and sometimes both — you know him from Hack/Slash, Revival, Bloodstrike, Witchblade, Ex Sanguine and many more. My thanks to Tim for answering my questions.


1. At what particular point in your career — a specific comic, job offer, convention, etc. — did you realized you’d gone from wanting to be a comic creator to knowing you’re a comic creator?

I think it was about ten years ago, when I’d been working at Devil’s Due for a few months, and on a date, a girl asked me what I did. I said, “I make comics.” And she said, “Yeah, but what’s your DAY JOB?”

5. If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone, living or dead, who would you spend it with and what would you do?

I want to say I’d choose Carl Sagan, or Jack Kirby, and I’d spend the whole damn time talking and learning about creativity, science and big ideas. But, the truth is, I’d probably actually pick porn star Sasha Grey and spend the whole day…uh…talking and learning about creativity, science and big ideas.

11. What kind of music do you like the least?

Pop. There’s just still some part of me that’s still the punk asshole teenager that despises anything everyone else likes. Sometimes I feel bad about it, but then I hear a song like “Call Me Maybe” and think I might be onto something.

12. What comic (or graphic novel, webcomic, etc.) was your “gateway drug” and made you a comic fan?

It was the very first comic I ever got. Amazing Spider-Man issue 230, where Spidey has to go toe-to-helmet with the Juggernaut. I mean, look at that cover:

Who could EVER get over that?!

22. What’s your morning routine like?

I get up at 8. I don’t need an alarm because my cat, Kiki, wakes me up at the same time every day to remind me that she is hungry. I get ready, and take the train. I get off at Irving Park, stop and get a coffee, and then I go to the 4-Star Studios office, where Mike Norton is inevitably listening to Memphis blues. I plop down in front of my computer, and read the news, check my email and look at custom He-Man figures. Eventually, I draw.

26. What is your best childhood memory?

I had a pretty good childhood, so there’s no shortage of good memories. But, I guess, one memory that sticks out for me is when I was 10, I had to have my appendix taken out. So, I was in the hospital for a week afterwards. My family would come to visit me a lot. My dad was always more a traditional man’s man and it was rare for me to see him emotional or anything. But he stopped by on his way home from work to see me, with a huge pile of comic books. He’d gone to a book store and picked up Avengers, and FF, and Spider-Man, Batman…it was all the comics I loved, and I didn’t have a single one of those issues. I asked him how he knew which ones to get, and he said, “I just got the ones I would’ve wanted to read when I was a kid.” It was a nice bonding moment, and meant a lot to a kid who’d just spent a week away from home.


Next week: Chris Gage!

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