Robot Roulette | Cullen Bunn

Welcome back for another round of Robot Roulette, where creators spin the virtual roulette wheel and let Lady Luck determine what questions they’ll answer. We’ve got 36 possible questions, and each week I will select at random which of those questions our guest is subjected to.

This week our guest is Cullen Bunn, who is having a really great weekend at the New York Comic Con. You know him from comics like The Damned (coming soon to Showtime), The Sixth Gun (coming soon to NBC, with a spin-off miniseries coming next year), Deadpool Killustrated (coming from Marvel) and Helheim (coming from Oni Press).

My thanks to Cullen for answering my questions ... now let's get to it. He asks for music recommendations at the end, so be sure to leave yours in the comments section.

6. If you weren't working in comics, what would you be doing?

Well, before I quit my day job to write full time, I was working in marketing, so I suppose I could fall back on…

Nah, screw that!

Gator wrasslin’! That’s where it’s at! That’s where you separate the boys from the men and the carless man from his body parts! You get to work outdoors… get to work with your hands (if you keep them)… and the ladies go wild for a guy who can mix it up with a wild gator.

I can see it now… strolling down the street in my gator skin cowboy hat and boots… and nothing else but a smile.

Because that’s just my style.

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?

A gator, of course, because all men should love and respect his enemy... unless they are comic book haterzzz, who should just be mocked.

12. What comic (or graphic novel, webcomic, etc.) was your "gateway drug" and made you a comic fan?

I remember being very young and reading an issue of X-Men. This was back in the blue and yellow suit days, you know? I also remember reading the very first Thanos story in the back of an issue of Logan's Run.

Avengers #154 was a comic book that haunted me for years because when I first “read” it, I really just skimmed the pages, and I thought the Avengers had been murdered panel-by-panel by Attuma.

But the comic book that made me LOVE comic books was Micronauts #7, guest starring Man-Thing. That book demonstrated a level of world-building that I absolutely loved… and I still love to this day. I bought the book off a spinner rack at the grocery store, and I must’ve read it a dozen times that first day.

15. What's the least pleasant part of your job?


Oh, wait. I’m not working in marketing any more.

I dunno. It’s kind of hard to complain about writing comic books for a living. I used to get really upset over some of the negativity some people like to spew in terms of comics. I mean, a book would get announced and people would just start snarking and griping and complaining and talking about how much it sucked… long BEFORE the book ever came out. That used to really drive me up the wall.

These days, though, I try to ignore it. When I encounter it, I just think it’s kinda sad and funny.

18. What's the last thing you ate and drank before answering these questions?


(See how I can beat a dead horse?)

What people who know me would expect me to say here is that I skipped eating altogether and just drank a monster margarita down the street at El Nopal.

The truth of the matter is I had a salad from the grocery store salad bar and a Diet Mountain Dew. And a brownie. For some reason, my wife made a batch of brownies and left them here with me all day. She also stocked up on Oreos.

I think she’s trying to kill me.

32. Is there a particular song, band or style of music you listen to when you work?

I’ve never been a guy who got too wrapped up in music. I like it, yes, but I like one style just as much as the next. My taste in music is completely unsophisticated. Usually, I don’t listen to anything while I work. I just forget to turn anything on.

I have a pretty crazy collection of movie scores and soundtracks around here somewhere. Maybe those would make good background tunes?

If anyone has any suggestions for what I SHOULD be listening to, I’m all ears!


Next week: Jim McCann!

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