Robot Roulette | Chris Roberson

The Robot Roulette wheel doesn't take a holiday, so welcome to another edition of our zany interview series. Every week Lady Luck determines what six questions a creator will have to answer from 36 possible questions.

Today we welcome author Chris Roberson, writer of iZombie, Memorial, Masks and many other comics you should be reading. He and his wife Allison also run MonkeyBrain Comics, digital publisher of Roberson's excellent Edison Rex comic. If you buy it or any of the other MonkeyBrain Comics this month, they'll donate the publisher's profits to the Hero Initiative. So it's a good time to try them out.

But before doing that, let's see what questions we threw at Chris this week ...

5. If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone, living or dead, who would you spend it with and what would you do?

It would have to be someone who was living, because spending any amount of time with a dead person is a serious drag. And if I’ve got 48 hours and money is no object, I’m going to Disney World, obviously. Where else?

(Oh, you meant a SPECIFIC person…)

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?

I would come back as a cat. I share my home with two cats, and I know from personal experience that those little bastards have it EASY.

18. What's the last thing you ate and drank before answering these questions?

Iced tea and pigs-in-blankets (little sausages baked in croissants, nature’s perfect food). My wife makes pigs-in-blankets on special occasions, and apparently the Morning After Thanksgiving counts.

27. What are you most proud of so far in your comics career?

I’m probably proudest of the mere fact that I HAVE a comics career to begin with. This is the job I’ve wanted to have since I was six years old. The fact that the six-year-old me would be impressed at all by where I am in my life is, I think, a signal victory.

28. Based on where you live right now, what's the farthest you've ever been from home, and why did you go there?

Well, I just moved in June from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon. But either way, I think the farthest I’ve ever been from either place is probably London. I was over in the UK for a World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, and took an extra week to head south and play tourist in London. So I was in the UK to work (and drink, of course, since that’s part of what “work” entails at a convention), but I was in London just to visit museum, see historic landmarks, hang out with friends, and drink, of course.

31. What's the biggest "missed opportunity" you've had in comics--or what project did you not take or start that you wish you had?

Mmm. You know, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in my comics career so far, in that I’ve managed to work on some of my favorite characters and with some of my favorite creators. The only jobs I’ve passed up or turned down have been those that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed working on, anyway. There are still projects I haven’t started that I would love to do, but I’m not dead yet, so there’s still time to start them!

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