Robot Love | It's like fan fiction, only ... OK, it's fan fiction

In case all of the candy hearts and flower shop window displays didn't clue you in, it's Valentine's Day today, or as I like to call the holiday, "Oh Christ, not that again."

In our past life we looked at our favorite comics couples, but this we thought we'd have a bit of fun and play matchmaker by picking characters we'd most like to see shack up, regardless of genre or sexual orientation.

Below is our results. See if you can come up with some of your own unique romantic pairings in the comments section.

Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner -- They have so much in common.

Little Lulu and Charlie Brown -- After spending so much of her youth surrounded by hooligans like Tubby and Alvin, I'm sure Lulu would greatly appreciate a sensitive soul like Charlie Brown.

Jimmy Corrigan and the She-Hulk -- Call it a hunch, but I get the feeling Jimmy's got a thing for aggressive women.

Astro Boy and Jocasta -- Robot love baby! Robot love!

Buddy Bradley and Ramona Flowers -- Honestly, I just like to wonder how Buddy would handle Roman's evil ex-boyfriends.

Maggie and Empowered -- I figure their insecurities would cancel each other out.

Olive Oyl and Plastic Man -- Popeye's on-again, off-again paramour is perhaps the only woman in comics who could match Eel O'Brian's elastic personality.

Dick Tracy and Golgo 13 -- He's a cop! He's an assassin! They're on opposite sides of the law, but on the same side of love! It'd be just like From Eroica with Love, but with lots more blood and gunshot wounds to the head. Try and tell me that wouldn't be awesome.

Cerebus and Misa Misa from Death Note -- Dating one of the most shamelessly subservient characters to ever appear in comics would have some appeal to one of Dave Sim's creations, no doubt.

Power Girl and Mo of Dykes to Watch Out For -- Well, someone needs to raise that poor girl's political awareness a peck or two.

Dilbert and Wonder Woman -- There's always at least one couple that makes you wonder (sometimes aloud) what in the hell they're doing together. Think of it as the Billy Joel/Christie Brinkley of comics.

Sandman and Sunako from The Wallflower -- What goth girl wouldn't love to have ole Morpheus for a bedside companion?

Elizabeth from For Better or For Worse and Guy Gardner -- Let's face it, anyone's better than Anthony. Ick.

Beetle Bailey and Sgt. Snorkle -- The sexual tension in this strip is beginning to become unbearable. Just hurry up and kiss each other will you already? Sheesh.

Note: The above image was snatched shamelessly from artist Victor Santos' blog. Sorry Victor!

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