'Robot Chicken' Exclusive Video: What if Jigsaw Had a Roommate?

Here's a question, as ancient and mysterious as time itself: "If Jigsaw had a roommate, would you find that hilarious?"

That's the question that Robot Chicken's writing staff kicked around during production of Season 6, which arrives Tuesday on Blu-ray and DVD.. The answer they came up with: a big, fat "nope." But just because they passed on rendering the bizarre idea for a Saw parody in all of the show's signature stop-motion action-figure glory, doesn't mean they didn't get somewhere with the idea.

Spinoff Online has an exclusive look at the idea by head writer and executive producer Tom Root and writer Mike Fasolo's for pitting the iconic Saw villain against an everyday, rent-skipping schlub, in animatic form. Check it out below.

Warning: video is not for the bear-trap-mask-phobic.

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