Robot 6's sixth-anniversary celebration: What you missed

If you were away from the Internet over the long holiday weekend, you missed out on ROBOT 6's sixth-anniversary celebration: more than 60 interviews, announcements, exclusive previews and special features, spread over four days (and culminating with our contributors' choices for their favorite comics of 2014).

Don't worry, however. This being the Internet, all of that content is right at your fingertips -- from Ed Brubaker discussing bringing Criminal to Image Comics to Dark Horse's announcement of P. Craig Russell’s Murder Mysteries and Other Stories: Gallery Edition to the first look at Jessica Drew's new costume debut in Spider-Woman #5.

Whether your tastes lie in superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy, crime or slice of life, there's likely something for all readers among those 60 or so items.

Thank you to the dozens of creators, publishers and publicists who joined in the celebration, and to our readers for continuing to visit us.

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