Robot 666 | <i>The Littlest Pirate King</i> exclusive preview

If you didn't get enough from the preview Sean linked to the other day, we've got you covered. Courtesy of our fiendishly fantastic friends at Fantagraphics, we're pleased to bring you seven more pages from The Littlest Pirate King, David B.'s adaptation of a short story by Pierre Mac Orlan.

It features both pirates and the undead, two of my favorite things. You can find more information on the book, plus the preview, after the jump.


For decades they have roamed the seas, this shipload of undead pirates. They are desperate to die, but every time they try to dash their ship to splinters and end their miserable existence, a malevolent God scoops them out of danger. And so they have no choice but to continue to sail the seas, looting and killing.

Until one day, having exterminated yet another ship of the living, they come across a little pink baby. Adopting him as their mascot and dubbing him their "Littlest King," they continue their journeys. But eventually the King begins to grow up...

Adapted by David B., the acclaimed creator of Epileptic, from a short story by Pierre Mac Orlan (which was published decades before the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, thank you very much), The Littlest Pirate King is David B.'s first full-color graphic novel to be released in English, and his vivid palette combines with his stunningly elegant graphics to create a magical yarn that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

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