Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part Two

As we mentioned yesterday, we're pleased to present Parasomnia by Greg Hinkle and a host of writers as a part of Robot 666 Week. Start off by reading part one, then come back here and read the second chapter.

Here's what Greg and Storm, the writer of the second chapter, had to say about it:

"When I was writing Playing House, I was thinking about that old adage of "be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it." As the ideas for how I would work with that theme coalesced, I found myself with one determined girl, a couple of dolls and a whole lot of--Oops! I almost spoiled it. It suffices to say that manipulating forces (or others) for your own gain is never a good idea.

Another goal of mine while working on this story was to have as few words as possible. I love writing dialogue (I grew up worshiping Chris Claremont after all), but I challenged myself to make the art carry the action. Greg's rendition of the little girl and her dolls is even better than I envisioned (I had drawn very loose thumbnails) and his sense of drama permeates every panel. He did a remarkable job in bringing this story to life. I hope you enjoy it!"


"This story was a lot of fun. STORM didn't put much dialogue in his story, and (blindly) trusted in my art to get the point across. I love telling silent stories and I'm pretty happy with the results. Unlike the last chapter's dream, this story plays with our sleeping girl's memories a bit. We see a younger aspect of herself, and visit a more specific event that hits a little closer to home."


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