Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part Four

Courtesy of artist Greg Hinkle, we’re pleased to present the finale to his horror comic Parasomnia. Be sure to read the first three chapters (here, here and here) before reading the final one, which is written by Matt Silady.

Here's what Matt and Greg had to say about this chapter:

"When Greg asked me to contribute to his horror anthology, I knew immediately I wanted to write a ghost story. So, here's a little tale about an urban spirit who wants more than anything to rest in peace.

Happy Halloween!"

-Matt Silady (the upcoming The Delta of You, the Eisner-nominated The Homeless Channel)

"To be honest, when I asked Matt to fill out the roster on this book, I never thought he'd agree. I mean, he's a very busy guy. So I figured my little anthology would be way down at the bottom of his list of priorities. Instead, he got right back to me, and we met up at the famous saloon, the Vesuvio, in San Francisco to discuss his piece.

Matt and I ended up working in the old Marvel style. He had an outline, with some rough layouts, and told me to work on the art, and he'd fit the story to the finished pages. It was great to have the liberty to help guide the story, but a little intimidating. I kept sending Matt thumbnails as I'd finish them, just to make sure I was headed in the 'right' direction. I wanted to blur the line between waking and sleeping a bit with the last dream, and Matt's Ghost Story was exactly what the book called for.

Matt and Jason helped me tie up the ending as well, with an intense series of late night back-and-forth emailing. I had a certain ending in mind, and they helped talk me down from that clichéd ledge. Without their combined effort, and Josh's lightning fast lettering, I don't think I wouldn't have had anything worth looking at."


This wraps up the comic, but tomorrow come back for Greg Hinkle's illustrated Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. Print copies of Parasomnia are available from Greg’s Etsy shop.


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