Robot 666 | <i>Parasomnia</i> by Greg Hinkle and various

As a part of Robot 666 week, we're pleased to bring you a Robot 6 exclusive -- Greg Hinkle's debut comic, Parasomnia.

Serialized over the next five days, the story revolves around a young woman’s nightmares, which are the key to unlocking a deeper secret. A recent graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Greg teamed up with local writers STORM (Princess Witch Boy), Jason McNamara (The Martian Confederacy, First Moon) and Matt Silady (The Homeless Channel) to bring his horror landscape to life.

Here's what Greg had to say about the project:

I've wanted to work with these writers for a few years, but we hadn't been able to commit to any one project. So I decided to try and put together an anthology project, to sort of split up the writing responsibilities, and make it a little easier to get these guys in on the same book. Working with three writers also gave me a crash course in collaboration, since each of these guys approached the project from a different angle. It was great exercise, as an artist, to be able to try my hand at a variety of writing methods.

As a genre, horror has always appealed to me visually, since the opportunity to draw some of the subjects and situations doesn't ordinarily present itself. I've always been a fan of the old EC horror books, and the mood those creators were able to create using so few pages. In a way, this book is almost a little homage to the artists from that era.

I've got a few little projects floatin' around in my head, but I'm going to try and explore the horror genre a bit more before I move on to something new. Jason McNamara (of The Martian Confederacy) has been working on a new book in the same vein that I'm excited (and very flattered) to get to work on.

Watch for the first chapter later today.

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