Robot 666 | Fighting zombies ... with infographics!

Editor’s note: As a part of Robot 666 Week, we welcome guest contributors Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, writers of Black Cherry Bombshells, Carnivale De Robotique, Moon Girl and the upcoming D.O.G.S. of Mars.

by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov

Zombies are kind of our thing. So, in honor of Halloween we conducted an informal survey on Twitter to determine what the most effective zombie killing weapon might be.

We received some pretty unique answers including katana swords, monster trucks, bear traps and "kindness." Taking the top five suggested methods of murder, death and mayhem, we then looked to pop culture for help ranking them by body count.

The results are reflected in the graph below:

The same rigorous, scientific research also proves that while just about anything can kill a zombie, only one thing makes them hilarious:

To participate in more horror related polls that'll be transcribed into grossly inaccurate infographs, please check out SOUTH fellini.

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