Robot 666 | <i>Axe Cop</i> takes a swing at Halloween

It was not even nine months ago that a brand-new webcomic called Axe Cop went viral within days of its creation, thanks in large part to its irresistible high-concept creative team: 29-year-old cartoonist Ethan Nicolle drawing the crazy action-adventure ideas of his 5-year-old kid brother Malachai. But I recently had occasion to read the entire strip in one sitting in preparation for a freelance assignment, and I was struck by how well the thing holds up long after you've gotten over the "haha that's a great idea"-ness of it all. Nicolle the Elder's art is uniformly kinetic, cartoony, and lovely, while Nicolle the Younger is obviously years away from running out of ideas for Axe Cop and his crew of very weird superheroes (or hitting middle school, for that matter). No wonder Dark Horse is releasing a collected edition this Christmas.

Anyway, the strip is still going strong, and this week it's tipping its cop hat to All Hallow's Eve with "The Night Monster", a four-part saga of creatures who live in outer space in hopes of catching "space babies." Yeah, it's already wonderful, isn't it? Check it out, and be sure to tune in for the remaining installments!

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