Robot 6: The year of living dangerously

A few weeks ago Jonah Weiland, the owner/proprietor/executive producer/big kahuna of Comic Book Resources, sent me an email asking what I thought we should do for Robot 6's first anniversary.

First anniversary? I thought. And no, I didn't mean that in a "Wow, it's already been a year?" kind of way. I mean that in a "Wow, it's only been a year?"

The sheer amount of news, announcements and change that's been rolling out over the past 365 days has been exciting and sometimes even a bit overwhelming. Companies were bought, people stepped down, legends died, titles were canceled, projects were announced, cons went to war, comics exploded onto electronic devices, new sites were launched ... I mean, damn. I took a week off at the end of summer and came back to find out Marvel had been bought by Disney. I went back to Texas a few weeks ago to visit family and came back to find that DC had announced about 10,000 new projects (OK, I may be exaggerating there). I'm afraid to go anywhere now because I might miss what happens next.

It's been a pretty good year to be a blogger. There's been plenty to talk about.

So yeah, it was only a year ago today that we officially kicked off the new blog here at CBR. And it feels like we've been running at full speed ever since. If you think we're slowing down today, well ... think again. Y'see, Jonah and I did come to an agreement on what we should do for the blog's first anniversary -- due to a brief and atypical lapse in judgment on his part (I feel like I should add a Mwahahahaha! here), he's letting us take over the CBR home page for the day. And what a day we have planned. Stick around, and you'll see some cool, exclusive stuff sent to us by several of our friends around in the industry. Expect a couple of interviews, and maybe a special feature or three. Heck, we have so much stuff, it may be more than just one day can possibly contain, so we may have to spill some of it over into tomorrow (don't tell Jonah).

It's been a great year here at Robot 6 in our new digs at CBR, and I have a few miles worth of names I should probably thank. But I'm afraid if I start now it's the only thing we'll get to today. So to everyone who ever submitted a tip or link, or sent us your Shelf Porn, or talked with Tim, or sent us a review copy, or bought an ad, or clicked on an ad, or guest blogged, or told me how much you dig Comics A.M., or supported our auctions for Carla and Lance, or emailed me a press release, or gave me a press pass to a con, or let me look through your sketchbook, or linked to something we did, or retweeted one of our posts, or just made comics better, or ... well, you get the idea ...THANK YOU! None of us are in this alone.

Thanks to the folks who contribute to Robot 6 on a regular basis -- I love you all. Thanks to the folks at CBR who keep the place up and running. And thanks to you, our readers, whether you've been here since we kicked off a year ago or this is your first time to visit the site.

Happy New Year, everyone! As always, stay tuned for much, much more ...

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