Robot 6 Preview | Ed Piskor's <i>Wizzywig</i>

Courtesy of the fine folks at Top Shelf Productions, we are pleased to bring you a preview of Ed Piskor's latest graphic novel, Wizzywig.

Wizzywig is the story of Kevin "Boingthump" Phenicle, a precocious child who grows up to be one of the most notorious computer hackers in America. An orphan raised by his grandmother, Kevin is a lonely, socially awkward child who, apart from his sole friend Winston, can only count on his skills with computers and breaking into the "Ma Bell" telephone system for solace and entertainment. As he grows older his pranks get more daring, more dangerous and attract the attention of the federal government, which in turn finds him a fugitive on the run. Culled from true stories of real-life hackers, Wizzywig follows not just Kevin's development from computer geek to wanted man, but also follows the story of the Internet and personal computing itself, and how it changed from handheld, landline phones and 14K modems to social networks and instantaneous communication.

Wizzywig comes out in stores in July. Check out the preview as well as a short promotional video about the book, below.


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