Robot 6 nominated for Eisner Award

ROBOT 6 is honored to be nominated for the 2013 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Publication/Journalism. We’re in excellent company, alongside Alter Ego, ComicsAlliance, The Comics Reporter and TCJ.com. That’s stiff competition.

As anyone who visits the blog recognizes, it’s a group effort, the work of a dozen daily and weekly contributors: JK Parkin, Brigid Alverson, Chris Arrant, Corey Blake, Tom Bondurant, Carla Hoffman, Mark Kardwell, Chris Mautner, Michael May, J. Caleb Mozzocco, Tim O’Shea and myself. It’s a good team whose varied tastes and opinions help keep our coverage diverse.

However, ROBOT 6 is also the product of a larger site, Comic Book Resources, and many more people whose bylines rarely, if ever, appear on the blog, yet who help shape its content by contributing story ideas, offering advice and lending a hand when needed: Executive Producer Jonah Weiland, Senior Editor Stephen Gerding, News Editor Kiel Phegley, Reviews Editor Steve Sunu, Assistant Editor Rob Levin, Assistant Editor Andy Liegl, Lead Designer Matt Brett and the writers of Comic Book Resources, Brian Cronin and the staff of Comics Should Be Good, and the staff of Spinoff Online.

Thanks to everyone who makes ROBOT 6 possible, and to the Eisner judges for the recognition, and to you, our readers.

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