Robot 6 in Long Beach

Okay, that's grabbier than "Strangeways in Long Beach," ya gotta admit.  It's even more accurate, since this week's guest blogger, David Gallaher, will be there as well.

Where in Long Beach?  Why, Long Beach Comic Con, of course.

It's been a long time since the LA area had a bigger show to go to.  The last show there was in 2008, and while it made for an interesting debut and and a great place to see friends over the weekend, it wasn't a barn-burner of an event.  I always felt that the shows put on in Long Beach far overshadowed the LA shows in terms of quality and location, and I've no doubt that this new show will live up to that.  Apparently Stan Lee himself will be cutting the opening ribbon, which might be fun to see.  I would love to have him sign my copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS some day (indeed the book that made me a Marvel zombie so many years ago, also forming an impression of comics as books that I've yet to shake.)

I'll be down at booth 63, Mr. Gallaher at booth 62 (I wonder if I can get him to swap booths with me -- sentimental reasons).  I'm sure he'll have plenty of copies of HIGH MOON to sell, as I will have plenty of copies of MURDER MOON and the limited-edition red cover chapter #1 collection of THE THIRSTY.  And don't forget, those fabulous five minute stories will also be available for the asking.

See you there!

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