Robot 6 anniversary card #2: Robot 6 by Guy Davis and Dave Stewart

Earlier I shared some anniversary greetings from AppleGeek artist Hawk and Dark Horse, and now here's a second piece of artwork that Dark Horse sent over. This one has left several Robot 6 posters drooling. It's by Guy Davis (The Marquis, B.P.R.D., Sandman Mystery Theatre, Baker Street) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy, Umbrella Academy, B.P.R.D., Conan, DC: The New Frontier) and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Does this mean we're part of the Hellboy universe now? Because that would be pretty cool. Special thanks to Guy, Dave and Dark Horse's Jim Gibbons for making our first anniversary just a little more special.

BONUS: Check out Guy's preliminary pencils and inks of the piece after the jump ...


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