Robot 6 anniversary card #1: <i>AppleGeeks</i> artist Mohammad F. Haque

AppleGeeks artist Mohammad F. Haque (a.k.a. "Hawk") and Dark Horse Comics sent us over this anniversary greeting. Hawk created this really awesome piece featuring the robot in our logo. Hey, he has a body now! We really can take over the world ... and if he's built with Mac parts, we shouldn't have to worry about him crashing all the time.

If you haven't checked out AppleGeeks, which is about a bunch of folks that are pretty wild about their Macs, you can read it for free on the web or check out the two collected editions that Dark Horse has released. It isn't just computer humor ... there are robots, robot dinosaurs and five-year-old girls who want to take over the world!

(Much gratitude: Jim Gibbons and Hawk!)

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