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Robocop TPB Vol. #3 (Preview)

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Robocop TPB Vol. #3

WHY WE LOVE IT: Finally, Frank Miller’s lost screenplay for RoboCop 3 is brought to life as he originally intended. This deconstruction of the man inside the machine is the hard R-rated finale we always wanted!
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: From creator Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns) and artist Korkut Öztekin (Hellraiser: Dark Watch) comes the untouched original vision for RoboCop’s final chapter. Sequentially adapted by Steven Grant (Punisher: Circle of Blood), it puts The Dark Knight Returns at the hands of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Also featuring the special epilogue written by Sheltered creator, Ed Brisson.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Old Detroit is burning, and now only the squalor of Cadillac Heights stand in the way of OCP’s vision for a perfect, clean, crime-free city. In the midst of this rebellion, RoboCop must stand with the people to end OCP’s corporate tyranny and corruption once and for all. This is his last stand.