<i>RoboCop</i> Remake to Feature Four Versions of Armored Officer?

If you're were among those fans dreading what a 21st-century version of RoboCop might look like, a torrent of tweets from HitFix's Drew McWeeny may confirm your worst fears about Jose Padilha's remake. Warning: Spoilers!

While reading through the script, the blogger took to Twitter to fire off his first (unflattering) reactions to a film that he contends turns the protagonist into "a Transformer."

"In the film, when Murphy is turned into Robocop 1.0, it’s described 'a high-tech version of the ’80s suit,'" McWeeny wrote. "Then they show a focus group scene where criminals laugh at the design. 'He looks like a toy from the ’80s!' So they redesign him to look 'meaner' as Robocop 2.0, who passes focus group approval. So they not only make sure to include the original design, they also point out it’s dated and stupid. [...] Oh, god … oh dear god … Robocop is a Transformer. He goes from 'social mode' to 'combat mode' and back. Full transformation."

He also mentions scenes in which the ED-209s are deployed in Iran to "subdue suicide bombers," and RoboCop 3.0 is dropped is dropped into an al-Qaeda training camp "to see what he does." Latino Review has compiled all of McWeeny's comments.

His take on the script is clearly (and overwhelmingly) negative, but it's important to remember a few things: First, we don't know what draft he read; lots of elements can get switched around in production. Second, there's a big difference between how something reads on the page and how it can look when interpreted through a talented director, cast and crew. And third, the satirical tone of the original Paul Verhoeven film might also come into play with how some of these scenes are presented.

While we still don't know many official details of the film, we do know that it's got a cast most directors would kill for: Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Hugh Laurie, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle Haley. The film is set for an Aug. 9, 2013, release.

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