Peter Weller Reportedly Not Interested in Blomkamp RoboCop Reboot

Actor Peter Weller has reportedly expressed no interest in returning to his titular role from the 1987 film RoboCop for the upcoming RoboCop Returns reboot.

The actor's representatives confirmed Weller's disinterest to SuperBroMovies. This goes against RoboCop Returns director Neill Blomkamp's hopes; back in August, he teased a Weller comeback to fans over social media, stating that Weller was his choice for the role.

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At 71, Weller is the same age as Arnold Schwarzenegger and a year younger than Sylvester Stallone, both of whom haven't dropped out of the action genre entirely. RoboCop's helmet would mask his face as well, making stunt doubles easier to use. Other aging action stars like Jackie Chan, 64, and Harrison Ford, 76, have also remained somewhat active in the genre.

A reboot using its original actor would also be in line with this year's new Halloween, where Jamie Lee Curtis returned to her role as Laurie Strode 40 years later. Last year's Twin Peaks: The Return also reintroduced a lot of the original series' main cast, despite the passage of 25 years. As such, it wouldn't have been entirely unheard of if Peter Weller returned to the role.

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RoboCop Returns picks up after the original Paul Verhoeven film. The first film received two sequels in 1990 and 1993, both of which were poorly received, as well as a remake in 2014. Though Weller reprised his role in RoboCop 2, Robert John Burke replaced him for the third film. The 2014 remake starred Joel Kinnaman in the role. Like Halloween, RoboCop Returns will ignore all its sequels, including the remake.

According to the report, RoboCop Returns will have an R-rating and take place a year after the original film. It will be scripted by upcoming Terminator reboot writer Justin Rhodes and produced by original screenwriter Ed Neumeier. Original film co-writer Michael Miner is also an executive producer. Rhodes is reworking a script by Neumeier and Miner.

With rumors of Weller's return dashed, its titular role is yet to be cast.The film does not yet have a release date.

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