Neill Blomkamp Wants Peter Weller Back for RoboCop Reboot

Neill Blomkamp has two Prime Directives: Direct a new RoboCop movie and make sure the original 1987 actor reprises his unforgettable role.

When the director was asked on Twitter about who he wants to cast as the iconic lead character in his upcoming RoboCop sequel, Blomkamp simply tweeted, "Peter Weller." Obviously, this doesn't confirm that Weller will reprise his classic role. There's also no word yet on whether Weller is interested in once again becoming Detroit's Cybernetic Police Officer. That said, having the director root for you certainly doesn't hurt an actor's odds.

Weller is currently 71, but age shouldn't be an issue. After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the same age as Weller, and Sylvester Stallone is a year older than both of them, yet both of those action stars are returning to new installments in their classic franchises. The fact that RoboCop's face is often hidden would make it even easier for Weller to reprise the role, making it significantly easier to hide the use of a stunt double.

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Director Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop received two sequels and the franchise was eventually rebooted. The story in Blomkamp's film will disregard every RoboCop movie except for the original 1987 one by Verhoeven, so it'll serve as a fresh follow-up to the classic action flick.

Blomkamp's RoboCop currently does not have a cast or release date.

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