'RoboCop' Director Talks Cast, Characters as New Photos Debut

The RoboCop revolution continues! Right after the first trailer from the film launched, Hero Complex not only scored an interview with director Jose Padilha, but also a series of new images.

"We have similar things in our movie," Padilha said regarding the original film's over-the-top violence. "Our movie opens in a sequence in which we see an operation of American robots in Tehran, and similar events take place. So we kept a lot of great things. I really am a total fan of the original RoboCop, and we didn’t try to redo it because it’s impossible. It’s already been done. It’s great. It’s a genius movie. What we did was nowadays, we are so close to a time when the issues tackled in RoboCop are already taking place. Ten years from now, this is going to be a reality. We’re going to have to argue about it, whether we want automatic law enforcement or not, robots can be in wars or not. This is going to be debated in the U.N. So we basically decided to use the concept of RoboCop to talk about that."

Padilha went on to explain where much of his film's satire comes from. "Instead of having ads, now we have a right-wing media mogul who is Samuel L. Jackson’s character, who distorts reality to his own purposes, and he talks about RoboCop all the time," he said. "So he kind of like is the parallel to the ads, but instead of being ads, it’s the media itself. It’s a little bit like in the sense of what we saw before the invasion of Iraq, where all the media was critical, kind of going in the same direction, and this guy tries to stir things in his own way and in his own direction, which is common in the media, not only in America and Brazil and in France, but everywhere. It’s a trait of the media. Only we exacerbate it because it’s RoboCop."

Opening Feb. 7, RoboCop also stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jennifer Ehle, Jay Baruchel and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

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