<i>RoboCop</i> Detroit Statue Gets An Appeal From Peter Weller

Assuming your heart thrums with the life juice of a natural-born geek, you are undoubtedly aware of a recent offhand Twitter remark asking Detroit Mayor David Bing to erect a statue of RoboCop in the city, to honor Paul Verhoeven's c1987 sci-fi classic. The request was politely denied and a grassroots Internet fundraising campaign quickly swelled in support of the idea.

Now the most important figure in this whole affair has come forward to put a stamp of approval on the idea: RoboCop star Peter Weller. He issues a heartfelt appeal to Mayor Bing -- if that IS is his real name -- to see reason in a posting on Funny Or Die.

This isn't an unreasonable request. Putting aside the fact that there's plenty of precedent for statues honoring fictional characters, there is no better home for honoring the efforts of RoboCop than Detroit. Verhoeven's film presented a grim near-future image of the city, but RoboCop himself is a beacon of peace and lawful justice. A statue honoring him would do far more than appease a bunch of Internet geeks ... it would also bring hope to the citizens of Detroit at a time when all seems lost.

Or, if nothing else, it would at least drive tourists to visit the city. Internet phenomenon, fun subject matter ... just saying.

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