Robinson Takes Vandal Savage To "DCU Presents"

First Deadman, then the Challengers of the Unknown and now, DC Comics New 52 anthology "DC Universe Presents" will focus in on one of their longest-running villains: Vandal Savage. The publisher announced today via its blog The Source that next up for the comic is an FBI thriller arc starring the immortal foe and his daughter by James Robinson and Bernard Chang, starting with May's issue #9.

In a "Silence of the Lambs"-esque twist, the three-issue story will focus on Kass Sage, one of the top profilers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who must rely on her imprisoned father to help chase down a bigger threat. The Source was unclear whether Sage would be the New 52 replacement for former Secret Six team member Scandal Savage or simply an entirely new member of the Savage family. Though the blog did share character sketches by Chang of both daughter and daddy.

"I'm absolutely jazzed to be working with one of my favorite writers, James Robinson, again along with the rest of the superb crew of 'DC Universe Presents' - cover artist Ryan Sook and editors Eddie Berganza and Wil Moss," the artist said in a statement. "I really enjoy telling stories of substance and character, so I'm planning on taking what we did well during the Deadman arc (with Paul Jenkins) and adding even more Tabasco sauce. We're taking it to the next level!"

For more, see the Source, and stay tuned to CBR News for more on Vandal Savage as it becomes available.

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