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Robinson Reignites the Bomb (Queen)

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Robinson Reignites the Bomb (Queen)

The bitch is back and she’s ready to blow away the competition in the most literal way possible! After nearly a year of delays due to a family crisis, creator Jimmie Robinson returns to his girl Bomb Queen with the release of “Bomb Queen VI” issue #2 this November.

Debuting in 2006 as part of the Shadowline banner headed by Image Comics co-founder Jim Valentino, the titular villain known as Bomb Queen rules the fictional New Port City as a dictator much loved by her people – consisting of murders, rapists and a plethora of other no-do-gooders, that is. The first issue in the latest volume blasted into stores last September and saw the villainous Queen taking action against recently elected President of the United States Barack Obama, who seeks to remove Bomb Queen from power and close down her city of crime. Now back on schedule, Robinson has relit the fuse of creativity and the action is ready to explode in the coming months. With issue #2 on the way, the creator spoke with CBR News about what’s still to come in Bomb Queen’s battle with Obama, why fight a battle on multiple fronts and reaches out to his fellow creators for a little crossover action.

“Bomb Queen has always been a political book. From issue #1, it’s always been about politics,” Robinson told CBR News in regards the current president’s inclusion in the series. According to the writer, the previous presidential administration under George W. Bush allowed the existence of both Bomb Queen and New Port City. However, Robinson said that the new president would most definitely see things a little differently. “[Under Bush] she was allowed to have such a city on American soil – one that had a villain as its leader. But with Obama and the new administration, that obviously would change because, like closing down Guantanamo Bay, he would not allow such things to happen on American soil. Bush would let it go. Obama, no.

“Bomb Queen’s entire city is subsidized and sanctioned by the government. That’s like saying Obama approves of Bomb Queen, and that just wouldn’t fly. It was natural for him to be in the story,” Robinson continued. “A lot of people thought that I was jumping on the Obama bandwagon, but as opposed to other things where he was just a cameo, he actually is the story. He is the person Bomb Queen in against in the entire story.”

Of course, including the current president in the series led to a number of considerations to take into account while crafting the title’s storyline. “There’s so many versions of the story that I had to go through at Image, because I was just going off the deep end. They were like, ‘No, Jimmie, you can’t do that. No, Jimmie, no,'” laughed the writer. “It’s a slippery slope. Bomb Queen deals with a lot of hate speech. It is a tricky balance. I keep checking with my editors and checking with Image to make sure everything is okay, but they give me a lot of rope to hang myself with. I just have to keep thinking about what I can get away with in the sense that she is a villain. And that’s the unique thing about Bomb Queen: she is a pure villain and I can write from that point of view and get away with it because there is nothing good about her. She is pure evil. Writing from that position, you get the freedom to really push the edge that other people probably wouldn’t have. That’s where my balance comes from – that I’m coming from a different direction.”

Interestingly, Bomb Queen herself is also coming from a different direction in the story. Rather than combat the current president with bombs a blasting, as is her usual M.O., the Queen decided instead to participate in PR warfare. “Bomb Queen is fighting him on the public front. People love Obama and there is no real dirt on Obama. With George Bush, Bomb Queen had all kind of blackmail dirt on him. With Obama, there is nothing. He’s really clean. To attack him outright physically would make her out to be the true villain and Obama would be in the right,” explained the writer. “So, the best offense against Obama would be the charm offense, where Bomb Queen would take her case to the American public. That’s where I get to use the platform of Freedom of Speech and constitutional rights for a villain. She has hate speech, but you have a right to be hateful if you want – it’s just bad taste. She’s pretty much saying that in her city, they have the right to be idiots and the current administration doesn’t have the right to close them down for that.”

The queen of mean also argues that her city full of vagrants actually provides a service to the American people. While the rest of the US can take the tired, the poor and the huddled masses, Bomb Queen says to send her your criminal, perverted and downright devious. “She is basically America’s garbage can for villains, pedophiles, rapists, murders, serial killers, whatever. She’s actually doing a service to America and this is how she’s treated,” said Robinson. “She’s mad. And by saying all that – using the ‘not in my backyard’ routine – she leverages it toward getting the popular vote against Obama.”

Politics aside, Robinson assured fans that there is also plenty of action to come and not just “talky talk.” While the Queen is publicly fighting a war of words, she also has a number of metaphorical explosives in place. “I’ll just say that Bomb Queen is working on a series of events behind the scenes that would incriminate Obama and that would capture the public’s attention,” he teased. “She’s going to try and attack him on the ethical front. The kind of Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and all the sex scandals that rocks the nation and the media and public interest, if she can get him on that, she could really start to win the war. She’s using a lot of her tools to her advantage like her city of criminals. By doing that, she’s going to create a scare tactic and at the same time take position of the person to depend on to stop it.”

>Although the series stars a villain, there are a fair share of heroes who look to stand in her way. As in previous “Bomb Queen” installments, Robinson said he looks to employ the use of various characters from throughout the Image Universe in the current volume. However, the writer did admit that continuing to do so proves rather difficult due to the nature of the book. “The problem is that, unlike other guest appearances in comic books, I’m the villain. So, it’s just kind of hard to say, ‘Hey man, can I have Savage Dragon come over and kill him?’ No, no, I can’t,” laughed Robinson. “Bomb Queen always wins, and I can’t maim and kill other heroes who come in and guest star in the book. I can’t keep having her have a draw, because then she loses her credibility. I do want to continue that, but it’s tough. I’ve got people doing more cameos, but as far as incorporating them into the story, that’s getting harder and harder.”

Look for “Bomb Queen VI” issue #2 to explode comic shops across the nation on November 24.
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