Robinson & Feister's "Grand Passion" Lands November Release Date

"Grand Passion" has been a long time coming. Writer James Robinson and artist Tom Feister's new Dynamite Entertainment series was originally announced at 2013's Comic-Con International in San Diego, but it will officially arrive in stores this November.

According to the series description, "Doc's a cop. Mabel's a crook. They're two wayward souls, fated to fall in love at first sight... even as Mabel swears to kill Doc if it's the last thing she does. A tale as only James Robinson could deliver, marrying elements of a Harlequin romance and hard-boiled crime."

"Something I've noticed lacking in a lot of comics is unbridled romance," Robinson explained in a statement. "The crazy kind when it's all life and death and love at first sight, so combining that with the hard-boiled crime milieu was something that really appealed to me. This is my attempt at doing something equal parts crazy love and crazy violent."

"I've been a fan of James Robinson since I picked up the ashcan Zero issue of 'Starman,'" shared Feister. "The opportunity to tell one of his stories on my first time out as an interior artist has been wonderfully terrifying."

"It's been a life-long dream of mine to work with James Robinson. All of us here at Dynamite are giant fans of his writing. His run on 'Starman' with Tony Harris is one of the best storylines ever told with the character. He reinvented the character and added new dimensions to the tapestry that, in my opinion, no other writer could have," added Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "'Grand Passion' builds upon the previous works of the likes of Garth Ennis and Andy Diggle to further establish Dynamite as the premier publisher of crime comics. Tom Feister's art perfectly fits the tone, and John Cassaday's covers round out the perfect package!"

"Grand Passion" #1 is scheduled to go on sale Wednesday, November 16.

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