Robin Wright Would 'Absolutely' Return For Wonder Woman 2


Of the many surprises from when Wonder Woman released this past summer, one of the biggest was Robin Wright as Diana's aunt Antiope. After being introduced to the powerful Amazonian Army general who kicked butt during the beachfront battle and taught Diana how to fight while she was growing up, many fans walked away from the film wanting more from the House of Cards  actor. Wright thinks the same thing, and she's totally game to come back in the upcoming DCEU sequel.

While speaking with the E! Red Carpet during a press run for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 (which she stars in), the former Princess Bride was asked whether she'd be willing to come back for Wonder Woman 2. Wright's response was an enthusiastic "absolutely! For sure...c'mon. Girl power!"

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Of course, there's at least one in-story logistical hurdle to overcome before this could happen - namely, Antiope's death. But while Antiope did die saving Diana during the fight with the Germans on Themyscira, there's nothing saying that she can't be featured in flashbacks throughout the film. Or perhaps her role in the upcoming Justice League movie will introduce a way for her to return for Diana's next adventure as well.

Wonder Woman 2 is slated to arrive in theaters on Dec. 13, 2019.

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