The Flash #45 Hints at Damian's Reason for Rebooting the Teen Titans


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The Flash #45, by Joshua Williamson, Christian Duce, Luis Guerrero and Steve Wands, on sale now.

The Flash #45 is a truly massive issue, with equally massive ramifications for the future of the entire DC Universe. For starters, there’s the highly anticipated reunion between Wally and Iris West. Then, of course, you have what could be our biggest hint yet at what will ultimately spark the impending “Flash War” between Wally and Barry.

Naturally, these epic developments have the potential to overshadow some of the issue’s more subtle plot points, but one that’s certainly not worth glossing over is the single-page encounter between Robin and Kid Flash, which plants the seeds for this summer’s new iteration of the Teen Titans.

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After parting ways with Avery Ho, at least for the time being, the younger of the two Wally Wests looks up at the ledge above him to address Damian Wayne, who apparently isn’t as stealthy as he thought he was.

Nevertheless, after some playful banter, Wally decides it’s time for business, and he asks Robin what it is that’s brought him to Central City.

“Our father figures appear to be making many of the same mistakes lately,” Damian explains. “It’s time we talked.”


Admittedly, it’s a very brief interaction between the two young sidekicks, but – coupled with what we’ve already learned from solicitations – it’s still more than enough to help piece together what direction the Teen Titans series is heading.

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This June, we’re getting the oversized Teen Titans Special #1, by Adam Glass, Robson Rocha, and more, which hints that Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow have grown “sick of the super-hero status quo.” Then, in July, the new creative team of Glass and artist Bernard Chang will begin their run with Teen Titans #20, which will see newcomers Roundhouse, D’jinn and Crush join the aforementioned heroes on the team’s new roster, all of whom are “done with the bleeding-heart approach favored by the heroes of the senior circuit.”

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Judging by what transpires between Robin and Kid Flash in The Flash #45, it’s easy to see that the pieces are being moved into place for this forthcoming iteration of the Teen Titans. What “mistakes” could Damian be referring to, though? Surely, it couldn’t be the Multiverse-shattering events of Dark Nights: Metal, or the upcoming Justice League: No Justice miniseries… could it?

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see before we get a definitive answer, but the odds are certainly high that it’s one of the two, if not both, that inspire the headstrong son of Batman to completely revamp his team’s approach to super-heroics.

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