Robin Officially Introduces His New Name (and a Brand-New Look)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice #10 by Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Nick Derington and Nick Bradshaw, on sale now.

Tim Drake has dawned a few superhero names during his time as the Dark Knight's protege, becoming the third character to take on the mantle of Robin after debuting in Batman #436Eventually, he became known as Red Robin to differentiate himself from other Robins. However, Tim now has a new name all for himself: Drake.

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Tim debuted his new name and costume in Young Justice #10. Why choose Drake as a name? There are plenty of reasons the name makes sense for the former Robin. However, the biggest inspiration was the Young Justice crew's trip to Earth-3 in issue #8 to take on the Crime Syndicate of America. Drake runs into his villainous Earth-3 counterpart there. While Earth-3 Tim Drake has a different look, he reveals he uses the codename Drake. Young Justice Tim Drake takes an immediate liking to the name and later adopts it after trying it out among his Young Justice teammates.

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The name is extremely appropriate considering it uses his last name. The fact it's based on one of the most "dangerous birds" also works. Sure, there is a legitimate criticism to be made it might spoil his secret identity, but as a name, it's very fitting. So, for at least right now, being called Drake works. Whether he keeps the name in the long-term remains to be seen, but the creative team is giving Drake his own Nightwing style name change, showing he's ready to be his own man.

In terms of the new outfit, it looks pretty slick. Drake's costume is primarily brown and gray with red and gold accents throughout. It features a smaller mask around his eyes, as well as a bat symbol on his belt. It's not the most exciting costume on the team, but it is a distinct and much-needed change. It is a natural evolution from Drake's previous outfit, retaining some smaller elements from his past. In our first good look at the costume in action, Drake is shown doing a heroic pose with his fellow Young Justice heroes. The contrasting colors of the team really do pop.

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Whatever you think of the changes to Drake, it is hard to deny the new name and outfit are a step in the right direction for the popular character. For the longest time, he stood in the shadow of Batman and his fellow Robin counterparts. With the new name and costume, he can step out of his sidekick role and develop more as a character outside the Batman universe. That doesn't mean he won't team up with the Bat-family again, but when doing so, now he won't be just another Robin. He is Drake.

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