Robert Kirkman's "Demonic" Revived at Skybound with New Creative Team

Skybound Entertainment has announced a new comic book creation from Robert Kirkman -- though if you pay really close attention, it may sound familiar. "Demonic" will debut in August as a six-issue series from the team of writer Christopher Sebela ("High Crimes," "Heartthrob"), newcomer artist Niko Walter and colorist Dan Brown, with the first details arriving Monday on Entertainment Weekly.

"Demonic" was created by Kirkman -- the creator of "The Walking Dead" franchise, but you already knew that -- and tells the story of Scott Graves, an otherwise decent New York City cop who happens to be possessed by a rather violent demon.

"He has to figure out how to survive and keep his family alive while trying to keep this thing inside him from killing everybody in the city of New York," Sebela said in a video interview released by Skybound. "There's a lot of blood and guts, but there's also a lot of mental horror."

For those paying close attention to Kirkman's comic book career, "Demonic" may ring a bell -- it started life as a one-shot released in January 2010 by Top Cow Productions, as part of its "Pilot Season" initiative. The characters were designed by Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri -- though Joe Benitez drew the actual issue -- and CBR has confirmed that Silvestri will be credited on the new series.

"Robert wanted to continue doing the books and it made more sense for him to do them at Skybound so we worked out a deal so he could do that," Top Cow President/COO Matt Hawkins told CBR of the "Demonic" move from Top Cow to Skybound.

"Demonic" is scheduled for release on Aug. 3 from Skybound, a partner studio of Image Comics.

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