Robert Kirkman shoots down 'Walking Dead' coma theory

Like a particularly stubborn zombie, there's a Walking Dead fan theory that simply refuses to die: The events of the bestselling comic and hit television series all take place in the mind of Rick Grimes, who never awoke from his coma.

It staggers to life every so often on a message board, or in a YouTube video, before disappearing, Sophia-like, into the wilderness of the Internet. However, when the theory reemerged last week, with the help of Uproxx, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was on hand to strike a killing blow to the head.

"Going on record to answer this," Kirkman tweeted on Friday, indicating the Uproxx piece. "Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of TWD are definitely happening."

Of course, Kirkman being Kirkman, he couldn't resist adding a joke that will undoubtedly fuel another fan theory: "But Carl and everyone else are all imagined. He actually NEVER found his family. He's been crazy since he killed his first zombie. #joking?"

Although his assurance will likely come as a relief to fans who have invested time and money into the comic series and its adaptation, there's a little part of me that would love to see a final-scene tribute to St. Elsewhere or Newhart. OK, maybe not.

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