Robert Kirkman Leaves "Ultimate X-Men"

Robert Kirkman announced on his blog Friday that he will be leaving the Marvel Comics title Ultimate X-Men with issue #93, following the completion of the Apocalypse storyline. The writer of The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies wrote…

This arc is something my run on the book has been building toward since I was given the regular writing assignment with issue 75 (issue 66-74 was supposed to be a fill-in arc).  Everything I've done in the book thus far has been building to this and the thought of continuing after I'd completed my grand plan seemed like overstaying my welcome, frankly. I will have said everything I wanted and done everything I set out to do... so it seemed the time was right.

As of Ultimate X-Men #93, Kirkman will have written 28 issues of the series and one Ultimate X-Men Annual. In his post, Kirkman indicated he considered remaining with the series so as to break writer Mark Millar's record of 33 issues, but decided against it.

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